Окрестности отеля

Гостиница Bohem Art находится в сердце центральной исторической части города. Только несколько шагов от реки Дуная и потрясающего вида горы Gellért с известными Цитаделом и памятником Свободе. Международно известный спа-Gellért может достигаться скоро пешком через ремонтированный мост Свободы.

The most famous shopping street in Budapest is the nearby Váci Street, which is a popular hub of restaurants, cafés, clubs and shops for the visitors wishing to discover the city.

Our guests interested in gastronomy will probably be spending a lot of their time in the Central Market Hall, which is only 200 meters from our hotel that has caught the attention of many celebrities visiting Budapest.

The newest addition to the city is the new cultural center, the CET, which can be reached in a few minutes. The building awaits its guests with art galleries, restaurants, cafés, design shops and entertainment facilities.

Our hotel is easily reachable by car and by public transport. The nearest public transport stop is "Fővám tér" (tram nr. 2, 47/49 and metro M4).